Water in the Foothills

FCR Water developed a water treatment plant and reservoir which is located on Hwy 762 east of the Burby Bridge. There is also a bulk fill station at this location.

In 2012 the MD of Foothills entered into a long term lease whereby they became the operator of the facility and are responsible for distribution of treated water to the community by pipeline and bulk fill.

Landowners living north and south of the water treatment plant have organized into an interested residents group and are working with the MD to obtain water pipelines to their areas. The MD is going to bid on the line to Rusticana which is north of the plant and is completing an engineering study for the residents to the south of the plant.

Councillor Suzanne Oel and MD councillors have been involved with community discussions to move the pipeline processes forward.

The group has been named the West Foothills Water group and their website is www.westfoothillswater.ca


PALL Water System

Advanced Water Processing Systems

For the Priddis Water Project, FCR Water utilizes state-of-the-art technology and advanced water treatment systems that are specifically designed to meet the drinking water treatment requirements of small communities.  

Click here to download further information on the PALL AP-2 Water Processing system.